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Exploring the Earth's lowermost mantle by Schrodinger equation
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Abstract: The seismic velocities propagating in the post-perovskite, a new mineral phase discovered recently in the laboratory experiment, were calculated by using the first principles electronic structure calculation. The results can explain many strange features of the Earth's lowermost mantle (D" layer) consistently. This gives a solid ground for the model that the post-perovskite is the main component of the D" layer.  (Iitaka et al., Nature 430, 442-445 (2004).)    <free pdf file>

Theory of the Earth


CIDER Summer'04 Tutorial Program
  "post-perovskite" by David Yuen
  "The Core Mantle Boundary" by Dan Shim

Neu entdecktes Mineral im Erdmantel
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post-perovskite seal (print out it and use for Christmas card!)

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